Friday, 11 April 2014


I am going to show you about my writing. here is my writing about sweet pea I LOVE it!!!!!

WALT: make sweet pea come to life

sweet pea is a young lady. she is very forgetful. she has chocolate brown hair that  is pink-tails. she has a bow in her hair or she will have something like that. sweet pea has a top fill of sparkles that is like the sea but blue a than the sea. her pants are blue and purple pants at the same time. her pants are jeans not tights not anything like that they are jeans with folded up cuffs. sweet peas shoes are dark blue like a blueberry. they are sneakers  with laces. she has a rounded bump at the end of her shoes. she has light brown skin.

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  1. Great story Grace I love the sweat pea name.Jhaz