Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Writing

My name is Grace. My hair is like brown like chocolate. My eyes are like the blue sea. My favourite colour is purple. I love animals. I have 2 dogs 3 cats and 10 bunnies and 2 adults.  My favourite pet is my bunny Choc. 
My favourite thing to do is play animal jam. My favourite food is apples. My dogs name are Boots and Lucky. My cats names are Smoko Sox Henry I have 17 lambs and 19 sheep. Some of my bunnies names are Choc Chocolate Coco Jelly Lemon and Snowy. I play with my pets but it is really hard to get the bunnies. I have a bother ( Aden ) and a sister ( Jenna ). My favourite movie is Milo and Odis. My favourite thing to do is play with my friends and family. My wish is to go to London, New York and Paris.

WALT describe a character
Purpose (Why are we writing) - To present clear ideas in a simple structure to suit my audience.

Success Criteria:

  • Draft
  • Title
  • Does it have a clear beginning, middle and end?
  • Does it use adjectives to make the descriptions better?(these could describe size, colour, texture etc.)
  • Juicy words - deep blue eyes like the sparkling sky
  • language features - similes
  • punctuation - Does it have capital letters at the start of each sentence and full stops at the ends?
  • Is it exciting so you can draw the reader in
  • make sure it makes sense - Proof read

Here are some class examples:

Nikau - I'm sporty, I always wear shorts and t' shirt in the winter and I'm friendly.
Milania - I have brown hair and brown eyes and I like to do hip hop and hockey.
Harrison - I have brown hair and I love rugby league
Fraser -I have blonde hair, I'm athletic and I like going on my computer.
Exemplar Level 2

Exemplar Level 3

Exemplar Level 4

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  1. Kia Ora Grace, thank you for sharing all this information about yourself. Maybe next time you could add more language features like smilies and adjectives. Thanks Rosie