Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Our Fantastic Class!

Moari class

Te Reo.

Moari is a different language to learn and there is a few moari people who is olived skin... Don't worry we are just the same so remember we will always love you here.

Do you want to learn Moari? Poutokomanua is the best at moari followed by a fridge! (And a toasty maker) come along! Our class is the best at singing and dancing while having harmony!

Lots of fun is spread around! Everywhere! (In the class).

Around the walls are fantastic funky moari art work with some baskets with our names! (We didn't create the baskets). There is milk with cups and they are really useful for a cup of tea... Love it!

Everyone is nice and caring so you will be everyone's friend!

You can restore everything in our fridge! You can even put chunks of... Bread in our toaster... Jk (means just kidding) you can just place down a few pieces of bread because your able to make a toasty in our toaster... We have gotten 2!

Get dirty hands? There is a sink in our class just to wash your dishes and your grubby hands to make em' sparkly clean! We have games like a big version of checkers.

Outside we have snakes and ladders followed by more snakes and ladders! Close to that we have a garden full of lovely flowers and sometimes some butterflies (not all the time).

Around our class, if you look out the windows you can see a fun sandpit with a few more classes but remember that our class is the best of them all! (We think).

We have lots of friendly people who come in and help use. We do have technology to go on.

We have awesome little buddies in room 2 There really cute! They would be coming in to our class to have fun! Maybe you can let your child come into our buddies class then maybe become someone's buddy in our great class. There are a few shy ones but with us? We are pretty great with our buddies! I bet yours is fantastic! We have gotten some really nice helpers and even more adults! Maybe being a helper could suit you! If if does then remember to just write down the day you will come over for a visit! We even have fun bean bags and coulerful cookie pads that are NOT eatable! We have some cool stuff in our sports box so if you really love doing sports or want to go and be a bit more fit the our class is the only one for it!

If you feel like your hands have a few germs on them then go over to the hand sanitiser and then kill away the germs.

All visitors are welcome to have a lovely tour around our school (please take note that if you don't get a tour, our class will not be responsible for it). 

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  1. WOW Jhaz and Grace!! You have so much information here about Poutokomanawa, I don't know where to start. I like the way you have used persuasive language like..."fantastic"..."fun"..."everyones nice and caring". I think the hardest part for you Jhaz will be to cut down some of what you have said, because everything you have said is true! But most written advertisements don't have as much information. But I love all of yours. Tūmeke Jhaz and Grace