Monday, 24 August 2015


Once there was a land, it was not just a land it was a candy land!!!!!!! Let me tell you about it. The people are gummy bears, pets are cupcakes, birds are chocolate chips, houses are chocolate, there are candy floss like bushes. There is gummy animals and rain is chocolate or strawberry milk. Sometimes it is chocolate milk and sometimes it is strawberry milk. If you lived there and you wished for something it would come true. The best thing was there is a mirror that would make everything happen like you say it would for instance if you said rain chocolate milk it would do it. However no one lived there. There was a water side that would take you there but it was in a shop. One day candy land exploded because no one lived there but it comes back every 1000 years so if no one lives there it will explode. The next day a girl named Kate went shopping and got the water side that would take you to candy land. So the next day Kate went on the water side she was so excited she went on it and then she went to candy land! Kate did not no what was going on. Then it started raining chocolate milk. Kate said "I never want to go back"! "But I want my little sister". She went in the house and went and sat down but, she did not know about the mirror. She said "I want my little sister" lots of times. She by the mirror and it came true!!!!!! Then she said "I want 9 dogs and 9 cats" and it came true!!!! Then after that they turned into gummy bears!!!! Then it stopped raining chocolate milk. Then they got really hungry so they started eating the candy floss brush and then it grow back. Now candy land can not explode.      The End. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


WALT: find synonyms  

Collect: gather  save 
Smelly: stinking  Funky 
Things: stuff     Baggage 
Turn: twist         Spin
One: Single   One and only 
Yuck: disgusting   Guck 
Mask: blind       Show 
Something: Thing     Object 
Yelled: scream     Weep 
Pressed: pushed         Pressured
Flashed:  Flare          Glare 
Brought:   Deliver        Take
Realised:  released       Realist
Shouted:   Roared         Yelled
Like:           Love            Alike
Come:       Came        Arrive 
Before:      Back            Ahead 
From:           Takes         away 
Time:           Week         Year 
Somewhere:    Somewheres        Around 
Window: bay        Bow 
Going:     Flowing          Mobile 
Looked:      See           Glance 
Strange:   Rare          Curious 
Followed:       Chase       Ensue 
Night:     Midnight          Bedtime 
Loudly:    Aloud             Noisily 
Listen:   Take notes        Hark 
Next:   Now after 
Walk: run    Ran 
Come: came  enter 
Go: stop drive 
Walls: bar      Curb:
As:   Just as      At the time 
Smelt:   Smell       Smelling 
Get:   Bring       Win 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Myths and legends writing


One sunny gorgeous day at school the teacher had a mummy case next to the chalk Board. But  something smelled. They looked everywhere but the smell was not found. The smell was coming from the class room. They went home thinking of where it could be. When the teacher went home witch was at the church. He and his great wife went to bed but suddenly they heard a loud tapping outside the door tap tap tap TAP TAP TAP. He opened the screechy door suddenly no one was there, he told his wife what happend. And they now relised that they where cursed from mummies. So the police came and they did not know what was going on. Lots of people from around came and most did not what was going on. The teacher told the people what was happening to them. They where so shocked when they heard there news. The next morning the teacher looked for the smell, he found out that the smell was coming from the mummy case. He opened the mummy case slowly, and he found a real mummy arm that came from the mummy outside the graveyard!!! They went to the graveyard, opened the a mummy case and found out the mummy had no arm. So they put the arm in. After that, at night there was no tapping at the door and there was no smell in the classroom.            The End 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Reading whales and dolphins

For reading I have been doing summarising
W.A.LT: we are learning to do summarising  

What are whales and dolphins
Whales and dolphins are mammals like us.

Body bits 
Whales and dolphins have perfectly suited bodies for the sea.

Teeth and feeding 
Some whales have teeth they are called toothed whales.

Wonderful whales 
A third of a sperm body is bigger then a car.

Delightful dolphins 
Dall porpoise have small heads but big bods. 

The weird and wonderful 
Whales and dolphins have unusual features.

On the move 
Whales travel so they can find food find a mate and have a baby.

Talking underwater 
Whales and dolphins can talk underwater but they have to use songs and sounds.

Family life 
Large families that whales and dolphins are called pods or schools.

Save the whale
Whales and dolphins are in danger because people used to kill them. 

Reading task

TASK:P draw a picture of one the characters in the book. Find and copy out 3 things the writer says about this person or animal.

Ginger did not work with the other horses.    
A special horse 
the colour of toffee 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Reading task

TASK.O Find five interesting words from this book. Write down what each means. Then use each word in a sentence of your own. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Reading task

TASK.N use a whole page to do a poster advertising this book. Make sure you tell the people why they should read this book.