Monday, 17 August 2015

Myths and legends writing


One sunny gorgeous day at school the teacher had a mummy case next to the chalk Board. But  something smelled. They looked everywhere but the smell was not found. The smell was coming from the class room. They went home thinking of where it could be. When the teacher went home witch was at the church. He and his great wife went to bed but suddenly they heard a loud tapping outside the door tap tap tap TAP TAP TAP. He opened the screechy door suddenly no one was there, he told his wife what happend. And they now relised that they where cursed from mummies. So the police came and they did not know what was going on. Lots of people from around came and most did not what was going on. The teacher told the people what was happening to them. They where so shocked when they heard there news. The next morning the teacher looked for the smell, he found out that the smell was coming from the mummy case. He opened the mummy case slowly, and he found a real mummy arm that came from the mummy outside the graveyard!!! They went to the graveyard, opened the a mummy case and found out the mummy had no arm. So they put the arm in. After that, at night there was no tapping at the door and there was no smell in the classroom.            The End 

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