Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Reading whales and dolphins

For reading I have been doing summarising
W.A.LT: we are learning to do summarising  

What are whales and dolphins
Whales and dolphins are mammals like us.

Body bits 
Whales and dolphins have perfectly suited bodies for the sea.

Teeth and feeding 
Some whales have teeth they are called toothed whales.

Wonderful whales 
A third of a sperm body is bigger then a car.

Delightful dolphins 
Dall porpoise have small heads but big bods. 

The weird and wonderful 
Whales and dolphins have unusual features.

On the move 
Whales travel so they can find food find a mate and have a baby.

Talking underwater 
Whales and dolphins can talk underwater but they have to use songs and sounds.

Family life 
Large families that whales and dolphins are called pods or schools.

Save the whale
Whales and dolphins are in danger because people used to kill them. 

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