Sunday, 1 November 2015


Purpose - (Why are we writing) To show someone how something works / is made / is played.
W.A.L.T write instructions 
Co constructed SC:
The name of the activity - How to ...
persuasive words language, must, you need
Rules - do's and don'ts, safety rules
Steps - are put In order with pictures
specific and easy to understand
make sure it makes sense - proof reading and editing, 

How To Ski.

You Will Need:              

Ski boots 
Warm clothes 
Ski poles 
Ski gear                                                           

How To Ski


You need warm clothes: 
 Waterproof jacket and pants.
These are the gear you need:
b)   Helmet, ski boots, goggles, poles and gloves.
Now it's time to put your gear on. 
This is how you put your boots on put your foot in the boot then do up the buckles.
Go to the ski area and go half way down.
Next put on your skis and pick up your poles, put the straps on your arm.
Get someone to hold you when you go down  (make sure that you are going down slow)
When you get to the bottom take the rope up because it will take you up half way.
When you fall you need someone to help you up.
When you get to half way do the same thing, go down with someone helping you when you fall you can go up the top.
But when you get to the bottom you take the magic carpet up.
When you are good you can start doing it by yourself.
Keep on practicing so you will be awesome at skiing!

I hope you liked my 13 steps and keep on skiing 😊😄😃

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