Wednesday, 17 February 2016


This is my writing I am doing a poem about teaching sticks how to swim.
I think I did well but I need more descriptive words 

W.A.L.T: write a poem 

Get a little stick 
Put the stick under water 
Next clean off the ick 
Put it by a wave 
First make sure it's a small one
But keep holding it
Only with one hand 
Next when it's good let it go 
But keep watching it 
Go out a bit more 
Then let it go in the sea
And it will come back 

Feedback: you did good. 
Feedforward: Yeah, you might need for discriptive words. Maybe you could be more interesting, if you fix this, you get a green. If not, I would say a orange target. Jhaz

1 comment:

  1. hi Grace you have done a wonderful job at your writing but please remember to put the target on your post :) Peara