Wednesday, 23 March 2016

El Rancho writing

W.A.L.T:  write a persuasion argument 

This is my El Rancho writing. Rosie gave the class a task were we could agree that El Rancho is a safe place to go to or not. I agree that it's safe. I choose to persuade the readers to go to El Rancho. 

I think that I did well but I could do better.  
Feedback/feedforward:  I think you did an awesome job writing your conclusion but maybe you should have a sentence Starter.


Statement: is El rancho a safe and friendly place?

I would like to tell you about El Rancho. You get a nice and friendly welcome from the instructors when you arrive. It's a nice camp you can enjoy with your families. Some people say it's a safe place, but some don't. I think it's a safe and friendly place. 

El Rancho has got some dangerous activities but there are instructions that will be there to help you. They tell you what to do, and if you did not hear they will tell you what to do. In archery, rifles and kayaking the instructors will be there to help you. If someone is blocking your way, tell the instructors and they will tell them to move so you can see.

In horse riding you have helmets on and in kayaking you have life jackets on. So, in kayaking if you fall off out into the water you will not drown. If the kayak tips on you just swim by the kayak then flip it over and get back in. If you can't swim you lift up the kayak and go to the side, and lift up the kayak to get back in. 

El Rancho has safe cabins to sleep in, and good places to eat. The cooks make your meals, and wash your dirty dishes so you don't have to worry. They clean up your tables for the next people. When you come along it will be nice and clean for you. The cabins are safe because you can lock the door so no one can get in.

Some people think El Rancho is a safe place and some others don't. There are many activities that the staff will teach you. Clearly it's a safe place for you and your families. From this statement do you think it's a safe place to stay? 


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